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Facility Rentals
Grant Park Gym Rental Fees For Parties _______________________________________
(Food is permitted; no kitchen)
350-399 400-500 500 +
Deposit R
$300 $145/hr $300 $195/hr $300 $295/hr
$175/hr $215/hr $315/hr
Gym Rental Fees for Sports and Recreational Purposes Only ________________________________________
(Must be reserved at least one day in advance)
Half Court $25/hr $90/hr Full Court $50/hr $180/hr Volleyball Net rental — $100 deposit
Gym Rental for After Hours Recreational Purposes _______________________________________
(Hours after 8P Monday through Friday, after 3 PM Saturday and all day Sunday are considered after hours. Must be reserved at least
one day in advance.) R Half Court $40/hr
Full Court $75/hr
$135/hr $270/hr
The gym may be rented for parties or sports use.
1601 Hirsch Street, Melrose Park 60160
Refunds: All Gym rental refunds will require a 40% processing fee by Veterans Park District (excluding rental deposits).
Bulger Park Community Center
Bulger Park Fees ___________________________________________
New 44-space car parking lot!
Attendance Deposit R
0-80 $150 $79/hr 81-200 $250 $100/hr 201-300 $250 $121/hr 301-350 $250 $137/hr
$105/hr $127/hr $149/hr $171/hr
Corporate rates At Bulger Park ___________________________________________
(350 person max) $400 full day $250 half day
Bulger Park features a full kitchen (for prep and reheating purposes only), ice machine and coat room. Maximum capacity: 350
(708) 343-5270    7

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