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Special Recreation
School Day Out
This program is structured to accommodate student off days in our local district schools. Participants will have the opportunity to enjoy the day off to social with peers through group games, activities, and even  eld trips. So instead of stay- ing home, come join the fun!
Pumpkin Carving & Movie
Come join us for some fun on your day off of school! With Halloween in a few days, what better way to spend your day off than to carve pumpkins with your friends and watch some friendly Halloween movies!
One Day Trips
The Mystery Shop
This interactive mystery game lets you choose between two exciting stories, Killer Comics or Holly- wood Homicide. First, the audi- ence participates in an auction using Mystery Shop money. As the success or failure of each investment is revealed, more facts about a murder surface.
The audience use this evidence to determine who the
suspect is. You don’t just watch this performance, you experience it through total audience participation! One thing is certain – a murder has been committed and you’re involved. Can you discov- er the Prime Suspect?
Age Date Day
13-21 Oct 25 F
Location: Trumbull Park Transportation: Parent drop off/pick up
R/N Fee
Code #
Age Date Day Time
15+ Oct 27 Sun 12-3 Location: Trumbull Park
Please register for this trip by Sep 6.
Tree Lights at Morton Arboretum
9 AM-3 PM
Min/Max: 4/12
R/N Fee
$20/$25 Min/Max: 10/20
You’ll be surrounded by color as you walk a one-mile paved path amid interactive lighting effects that highlight the beauty of trees in winter.
Enjoy seasonal music, marvel at ever-changing, interactive lighting designs, and warm up by a crackling  re with a cozy drink or roast marshmallows for s’mores.
Age Date
15+ Dec 1
Location: Grant Park
Please register for this trip by Nov. 1.
Day Time
R/N Fee
$30/$35 Min/Max: 5/12
Sun 5-9
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