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Special Recreation
VPD’s Special Recreation
“On the Road” Series
The “On the Road” series is a one day trip that occurs 2-3 times throughout each season. This program promotes community exploration as we discover the bigger world around us. It also encourages independent life skills as we navigate to each destination.
Expectations: Attendees are expected to stay with their group, engage in recreation activities, practice appropriate behavior with sta  and peers, toilet with minimal assistance and be able to maintain independently at a 6:1 sta  ratio.
Sugar Factory
Say hello to your sweet tooth! Upon entering the sugar Factory, you will be greeted by a dazzling retail store and ice cream shop offering a rainbow array of specialty candies, a cafe menu, and gifts. This new phenomenon has been enjoyed by many of the pop culture Hollywood trendsetters! So join us and your friends for an array of unique foods and desserts.
Chop it Like it’s Hot
In this hands-on program, participants will learn how to cook and prep delicious dishes of their own. Each week, we will make food from a different category, (i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert), to help promote independent living skills throughout the hours of the day. While the dishes are cooking, the participants will be interacting in a fun, creative game to learn more facts about the type of foods they are preparing.
Participants will be asked to sign a safety waiver since we will be working with sharp utensils and hot temperatures.
Age Date Day
15+ May 7, 21 Tu Jun 4, 18
Jul 2, 16 Aug 6, 20
Location: Trumbull Park
5:30-7 PM
R/N Fee
$50/55 Min/Max: 6/12
Code #
111132 J
Transportation: Drop off and Pick up at Grant Park
Adult Social Club
Age Date Day
15+ June 23 Sun Location: Rosemont, IL
Time R/N Fee Code#
1-6 PM $25/27 111132 SF Min/Max: 5/12
In district transportation: $3. Bus pickup will be from 11 AM-12 PM. Please meet at Grant Park by 10:45 AM if not receiving transportation.
Please register for this trip by May 22.
White Sox Game
We will be taking a trip to Guarantee Rate Field to watch the Chicago White Sox play against the Minnesota Twins.
What’s your favorite pass time? Each Thursday come be a part of an energetic group packed with creative art activities, arcade games, and yummy snacks! This program encourages socialization and developmental of life skills.
Age Date Day
18+ May 9, 23 Th Jun 6, 20
Jul 11, 25 Aug 8, 22
Location: Trumbull Park
6-8 PM
R/N Fee
$36/40 Min/Max: 6/24
Code #
111132 K
In district transportation: $12; pickup between 5-6 PM
Age Date Day
15+ July 28 Sun Location: Chicago, IL
Game begins at 1:10 PM.
1-7 PM
R/N Fee Code#
$25/27 111132 WS Min/Max: 5/12
In district transportation: $3. Bus pickup will be from 10:30-11:30 AM. Please meet at Grant Park by 10:15 AM if not receiving transportation.
Please register for this trip by June 7th.
Participants enjoying a Black History celebration dinner.
Special Recreation programs are available to all individuals with special needs within age range.
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