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Special Recreation
Chop it Like it’s Hot
In this hands-on program, participants will learn how to cook and prep delicious dishes of their own. Each week, we will make food from a different category, (i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert), to help promote independent living skills throughout the hours of the day. While the dishes are cooking, the participants will be interacting in a fun, creative game to learn more facts about the type of foods they are preparing.
Participants will be asked to sign a safety waiver since we will be working with sharp utensils and hot temperatures.
Outdoor Educational Overnight Trip
We will be going on an overnight educational trip to learn more about the outdoors! Throughout the trip we will be following a tentative schedule provided by Camp Duncan. Within that schedule are some assigned activities for our group to do such as: boating, archery, climbing tower, team courses, group games, hiking, scaven- ger hunts, camp res and much more!
Age Date Day
15+ Sep 3, 17 Tu Oct 8, 22
Nov 5, 19 Dec 3, 17
Location: Trumbull Park
5:30-7 PM
R/N Fee
$50/55 Min/Max: 6/12
Code #
Location: Camp Duncan – Ingleside, IL
Picture Bingo and Pizza
Age Date
18+ Oct 12 Oct 13
Day Time
Sa 7 AM-9 PM Su 7 AM-4 PM
R/N Fee
$60/65 Min/Max: 20/20
Code #
Transportation: Drop off and Pick up at Grant Park
Adult Social Club
Join in the fun. Come for pizza, salad, dessert, and a cold drink; then stay for picture bingo. Add some prizes, and we’ll have a great afternoon. Choose the date or dates you would like to come, 1, 2, or all the dates.
What’s your favorite pass time? Each Thursday come be a part of an energetic group packed with creative art activities, arcade games, and yummy snacks! This program encourages socialization and developmental of life skills.
Age Date Day
15+ Sep 25-May 6 W
12 PM
R/N Fee
$6 per date
Code #
411161P0 411161P1 411161P2 411161P3 411161P4 411161P5 411161P6 411161P7 411161P8
Min/Max: 6/30
Age Date Day
18+ Sep 5,19 Th Oct 3, 17
Nov 7, 21 Dec 5, 19
Location: Trumbull Park
6-8 PM
R/N Fee
$36/40 Min/Max: 6/24
Code #
Sept 25 Oct 16 Nov 13 Dec 11 Jan 15 Feb 12 Mar 18 Apr15 May 6
Sports Bingo Halloween Bingo Turkey Bingo Christmas Bingo Garage Sale Bingo Valentine’s Bingo Spring Bingo
Mix and Match Bingo Summer Bingo
In district transportation: $12; pickup between 5-6 PM
You must register for this program no later than Monday before the Wednesday date. Drop-ins cannot be accommodated
Location: Drop off/pick up at George A. Leoni Complex
Special Recreation programs are available to all individuals with special needs within age range.
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