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Travel with VPD Day Trips
Chicago White Sox Game Bingo Bu et
Come join us for a White Sox Game! There is a buffet that consists of Cajun chicken, fried chicken, hot dogs, BBQ ribs, hamburgers, salads, unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks an hour and a half prior to the game. A former Chicago White Sox player calls Bingo num- bers starting at noon and lasting an hour. Bingo will be during and after lunch and Bingo winners receive White Sox giveaway items. The seats are boxed on the lower level, so there will not be a lot of walking.
Chicago Architectural Boat Tour
Cruise along the Chicago River on a 75-minute tour and discover hidden architectural gems among the city’s renowned landmarks. A knowledgeable guide will provide a live narration, as the tour passes more than 40 structures, and sails below historic bridges. Afterwards guest will enjoy lunch at Italian Village in their main  oor restaurant known as Vivere!
Date Day Fee Code #
Sep 24 Tu $90 BOAT1 NL / BOAT2 MP Departure: 9:30 AM Grant Park / 9:45 AM Cimbalo Fitness Center
Return: 3 PM Location: Chicago, IL
Date Day Fee
Sep 12 Th $75
Code #
Departure: 10 AM Grant Park / 10:15 AM Cimbalo Fitness Center Return: Around 5:30 PM
Location: Chicago, IL
Apple Holler Orchard Tour / Apple Picking
Join us for us for a fall tradition of apple picking. Apple Hollar Or- chard is proud to have been voted one of The 25 Top Places to Go Apple Picking Across America on USA News Travel.
For lunch guest will enjoy prime rib of beef slow roasted for more than 19 hours, served with creamy horseradish sauce and warm beef au jus on the side, plus mashed potatoes and gravy, and cinnamon apples.
Date Day Fee Code #
Oct 4 F $80 Apple NL / Apple ML
Departure: 9:45 AM Cimbalo Fitness Center / 10 AM Grant Park Return: 2:30 PM
Location: Sturtevant, WI
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