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General Information
Digital Resources
Our Park District Facebook page is a hub of various types of multimedia content. You will  nd program and event  yers, photo galleries, videos, as well as pertinent updates and news, links and immediate interaction with the Park District. “Like” us at Veterans Park District Facebook page.
If you would like to receive VPD newsletters and updates via email, please call our front desk at (708) 343-5270 to have your email address added to our database.
Connect With Your Park District and With Your Community.
Veterans Park District now offers a FREE mobile app to provide you with information right in the palm of your hand.
With the VPD app you can  nd parks and facilities, view calendar, connect with our website & Facebook, get updates and noti cations, browse events and contact us.
Download from the Apple iTunes store or Google Play. It’s free, user-friendly and informative.
Stop the Vandalism!
Abuse and vandalism of your community and neighborhood parks and facilities is a serious problem. Problems concerning vandalism can be costly and a time-consuming process to correct. If you witness acts of vandalism or the results of such acts, please contact us at (708) 343-5270 or contact your local police department. Have pride in your parks and facilities, and please show community support to prevent vandalism.
Flyers! Newspapers!
To help keep you informed about special events, trips, programs and activities,  yers will be available at the Administration Building and all park district facilities. Also, look for announcements in local publications.
Extreme Weather Conditions
In case of extreme weather conditions, please check ahead for building closings or program cancellations on our Facebook page or
Holiday Hours and Closures
Labor Day – Monday, September 2
Grant Park Recreation Center, Bulger Park Community Center, Cimbalo Fitness Center, and George A. Leoni Complex — Closed Gouin Pool — 12-6 PM (Gouin Pool’s last day)
Columbus Day – Monday, October 14
Bulger Park Community Center, and all Preschools — Closed
Grant Park Recreation Center and George A. Leoni Complex — Closed Cimbalo Fitness Center: 6 AM-12 PM
Veterans Day – Monday, November 11
Bulger Park Community Center, and Preschools — Closed
Grant Park Recreation Center and George A. Leoni Complex — Closed Cimbalo Fitness Center: 6 AM-12 PM
Thanksgiving – Thursday, November 28 — All Facilities Closed
Friday, November 29
Grant Park Recreation Center, Bulger Park Community Center, George A. Leoni Complex and Preschools — Closed
Cimbalo Fitness Center 6 AM-12 PM
Christmas Eve – Tuesday, December 24 — All Facilities Closed Christmas Day – Wednesday, December 25 — All Facilities Closed New Year’s Eve – Tuesday, December 31 — All Facilities Closed New Year’s Day – Wednesday, January 1, 2020 — All Facilities Closed
You Snooze – You Lose!
Nothing kills a program quicker than waiting until the last minute to register for it! If there are not enough registrant’s  ve (5) days prior to the start of the program, it will be cancelled. Registering late will not guarantee a program will run.
George A. Leoni Complex Grant Park Rec. Center Cimbalo Fitness Center
(708) 731-5290 (708) 716-4822 (708) 343-5270 (708) 343-5151
Online Registration
Veterans Park District is encouraging our patrons to register for numerous classes and activities online. To use online registration, patrons must have a Household ID number, which will be your user name and password. The bene ts of online registration include searching for programs, updating household informa-
tion, viewing shopping history and more. Registrations will be processed immediately using your Visa, MasterCard, AmEx or Discover. Currently, over 80 percent of the classes and activities offered by Veterans Park District are eligible for online registration. Classes that require  lling out paperwork are not eligible for online registration (i.e. Camps, Preschool, After School Care, and Break Camps).
(708) 343-5270 5

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