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Special Interest Adults
Ballroom Dance
Cha-Cha, Tango, Swing, Rumba, Waltz and Fox Trot through weddings, reunions, parties, cruises or just a night on the town.
This is a great way to exercise, while having fun. Learn new dances or perfect your skills.
Date Day
May 7-Jun 11 Tu Jun 18-Jul 23 Tu
8:15-9:30 PM 8:15-9:30 PM
Code #
111121E8 111121E8
Location: Kahl Park
Fee per person: R $50/N $55 per session
Fee per couple: R $80/N $85 per session
Instructor: Donna Borowiak
Minimum of 3 couples or 6 individuals required to run the class.
Yoga for the Actively Aging (Chair Yoga)
A gentle yoga class that is designed to maintain healthy joints, mus- cular  exibility and strength. Stretching movement and static poses will also help improve your balance and coordination. Poses can be done using a chair or free-standing according to your abilities.
Middle Eastern Belly Dance
(Beginner – Advanced)
Increase your  exibility and get in shape with Middle Eastern Belly Dance. This art form has been used for centuries as a form of exer- cise for fun and for  tness. Middle Eastern Belly Dance strengthens your inner core muscles, while increasing  exibility. Please bring a hip scarf if you have one.
Date Day Time Fee*
Ongoing W 12-12:45 PM $1 Location: Grant Park Recreation Center
*Per class ages 55 and older. Class runs continuously.
Code #
Date Day
May 21-Jun 25 Tu Location: Kahl Park
7-8 PM
R/N Fee
$34/42 Min/Max: 6/20
Code #
(708) 343-5270    47

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