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Athletics Children/Youth
Gridiron Tots Flag Football
Using basic football games and activities, players develop early football skills in this non-contact class while gaining con dence, coordination and motor skills with a focus on having fun! The program uses age appropriate drills and exercises to teach players proper stance, passing, catching, running and more. Each class is designed to develop endurance, promote good sportsmanship and teamwork. This program is a partnership with Hot Shots Sports and their coaches.
Speed and Agility Clinic
This class is designed to improve overall coordination and athleti- cism. Each week will focus on introducing and developing basic and advanced kinetic movements. This progression program includes drills and activities aimed to improve; agility, speed, endurance and explosive power. This is the perfect program to supplement your child’s other sport participation. Participants see improvements in coordination, speed and reaction time. Our experienced instructors work hard to keep a fun, exciting and engaging atmosphere. This program is a partnership with Hot Shots Sports and their coaches.
(8 week program)
Age Date
4-6 Jun 4-Jul 23
Location: George A. Leoni Complex
(7 week program)
Age Date Day
7-11 Jun 5-Jul 24 W * No class Jul 3
Day Time
R/N Fee
$76/91 Min/Max:4/15
Code #
192124 F1
Tu 5-5:45 PM
Family/Individual Archery
R/N Fee
Code #
192124 A1
5:45-6:45 PM
Location: George A. Leoni Complex Min/Max: 4/15
Game Time Flag Football
The whole family can join now in this fun- lled archery program. If you want to have fun learning a new sport or simply want to improve your hand-eye coordination, this eight-week camp is guaranteed to be fun and challenging. Watch your accuracy improve every week! Archery supplies will be provided for everyone.
Advanced class is for participants who have taken our archery class two times or more.
Age Date Day Time R/N Fee Code #
7+ Jul 12-Aug 16 F 5:30-6:30 PM (beginner) $50/65 192124 A2 Location: Grant Park Recreation Center Min/Max: 5/16
Discount: $10 off the 3rd family member to sign up!
Players experience daily scrimmages with active instruction and
tips from coaching staff. Players are encouraged to employ skills used in football such as running pass routes, play calling, defensive positioning, the fundamentals of blocking and pass coverage. These skills and others will be put to use in a “game time” environment while the players scrimmage each week. This program is a partner- ship with Hot Shots Sports and their coaches.
(8 week program)
Age Date Day Time
8-11 Jun 4-Jul 23 Tu 5:45-6:45 PM Location: George A. Leoni Complex
R/N Fee
$76/91 Min/Max: 4/18
Code #
192124 F2
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