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Athletics Children/Youth Cheerleading Summer Camp
Ready, set, shout... it’s time to bring the pom pons out! Children will learn choreographed dances and cheers that encourage rhythm and coordination. Learn fundamentals, skills and cheerleading safety in this fun camp. Parents are invited to a special performance at the end of the camp.
Age Date
4-6 Jun 10-21 7-13 Jun 10-21 4-6 Jul 8-19 7-13 Jul 8-19
9-10:30 AM
10:45 AM-12:45 PM 9-10:30 AM
10:45 AM-12:45 PM
Min/Max: 8/24
R/N Fee
$120/135 $150/165 $120/135 $150/165
Code #
192124 C1 192124 C2 192124 C3 192124 C4
Location: George A. Leoni Complex
Cheerleading Stunting Clinic
This class is designed for  yer technique and hands on stunting. There will be a focus as well on stretches for the back, shoulders, hips, hamstrings and quadriceps. Flyers will have stunt groups and stunt simulating equipment in class to have the full experience of using their skills in the air. It’s an all-around  yers dream come true to build your skills safely! You must have taken Advanced Tumbling to enroll in this class.
Age Date Day Time R/N Fee Code #
8-12 Jun 3-Jul 22 M 6-7PM $50/65 192124 T4 Location: George A. Leoni Complex Min/Max: 3/12
Yoga for Kids
This innovative program combines yoga and movement to create an environment of imagination and creativity in a nurturing and friendly setting. Using yoga style games and activities, participants build strength, con dence, increase self-esteem and body awareness. This class provides a fun  lled way for your child to be introduced to Yoga. This program is a partnership with Hot Shots Sports.
Junior Golf
This introductory course teaches kids the love of golf. Players learn basic golf techniques including proper grip, stance and swing me- chanics. Using safe equipment tailored to  t the age group, players learn proper swing and stance mechanics in a fun and entertaining environment. No clubs necessary. This program is a partnership with Hot Shots Sports and their coaches.
(7 week program)
Age Date Day
3-6 Jun 6-Jul 25* Th * No class Jul 4
Location: Grant Park
4:30-5:15 PM
R/N Fee
Code #
(7 week program)
Age Date Day Time
4-7 Jun 5-Jul 24* W 5-5:45 PM * No class on July 3
Location: George A. Leoni Complex
R/N Fee
67/82 Min/Max:4/15
Code #
192124 G1
Min/Max: 5/16
192124 Y1
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