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Creative Arts
Hey Kids, we’re are offering some new Creative Art classes this summer. Try one of our Pop-Up Art Class- es to see what VPD will be offering in July.
A Splash of Color
A Splash of Color is a watercolor workshop that will not only be fun, but will get your creative mind working.
A Splash of Color Watercolor Painting
Children who express themselves through painting take part in a fun and ful lling activity. Through this class, children will become more creative, increase their critical-thinking skills, and will gain
a lifelong appreciation of art. By teaching your children painting, you’re also opening them up to an entire world of artistic expres- sion! All supplies are included and you will  nish 2 to 3 projects to take home.
Age Date Day Time
6-12 Jun 24 M 4:15-6:15 PM Location: Grant Park Trevino Hall
R/N Fee
Code #
318260 C3
Age Date
6-12 Jul 1-Aug 5 Location:
Day Time
M 4:15-5 PM Grant Park, Trevino Hall
R/N Fee
Code #
318260 C1
Beginning Drawing Workshop
Drawing for Beginners
Pick up your pencils and get drawing and expand your imagination.
Give your child a new way to see the world – through drawing! Basic drawing techniques will be covered in this class, aimed at helping young children expand their imagination, uncover their creative sides, and interpret what they see. Supplies are included.
Age Date Day Time R/N Fee Code #
6-12 Jul 5-Aug 9 F 4:15-5 PM $48/58 318260 C2 Location: Grant Park, Trevino Hall
Age Date Day Time
6-12 Jun 28 F 4:15-6:15 PM Location: Bulger Hall, Melrose Park
R/N Fee
Code #
318260 C4
38 VPD Program Guide Summer 2019
Hot Shots Sports is collaborating with the Veterans Park District to expand youth athletic o erings. Hot Shots Sports aims to develop young athletes who will grow emotionally, physically, and intellectually in our sports programs. By redirecting the focus away
from wins and losses and toward personal growth, we create an environment
where winning is the byproduct of and not the means of success. Our coaches take pride in fostering that drive and motivating your child to  nd the champion inside of themselves.

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