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Soccer Skills Clinic 101
Players are introduced to the fundamentals of soccer tactics such
as passing the ball, offensive moves, defensive moves, keeping/ controlling the ball and taking the ball away from the opposing team. Players learn to score and prevent goals. Physical endurance and  tness are emphasized while touching the ball. At this age, the focus starts to change from simple games to organized, tactical, competi- tive games.
Age Date Day Time
6-9 Sep 18-Nov 6 W 5-6 PM
Location: George A. Leoni Complex Turf Instructor: Hot Shot Sports
Soccer Skills Clinic 201
R/N Fee
$76/91 Min/Max: 4/15
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In the next stage of their progression, players increase their playing stamina and speed in an up-tempo game like atmosphere. The clinic’s speci c technique training involves strength and placement shooting, landing on the shooting foot, precision passing, settling the ball with various body parts and advanced fundamentals and skill maneuvers. Most importantly, players are taught game concepts that will improve their decision-making and overall game.
Baseball Clinic 101
This baseball class gives players an introduction to baseball. Play- ers work on technique and enhancing form in this comprehensive skills clinic. This program teaches throwing mechanics as well as batting stance, bat positioning and speed, using both live pitching and hitting off the tee. Players learn various positions in the  eld through game play and basic in game strategy. Players should bring their own gloves, and be ready for a fun, fast paced learning environment.
Age Date Day Time
10-13 Sep 18-Nov 6 W 6-7 PM
Location: George A. Leoni Complex Turf Instructor: Hot Shot Sports
R/N Fee Code #
$76/91 19212445S7B Min/Max: 4/15
Athletics Children/Youth
Hot Shots Sports is collaborating with the Veterans Park District to expand youth athletic o erings. Hot Shots Sports aims to develop young athletes who will grow emotionally, physically, and intellectually in our sports programs. By redirecting the focus away
from wins and losses and toward personal growth, we create an environment
where winning is the byproduct of and not the means of success. Our coaches take pride in fostering that drive and motivating your child to  nd the champion inside of themselves.
Age Date Day Time
6-9 Sep 17-Nov 5 Tu 4-5 PM
Location: Grant Park Recreation Center Gym Instructor: Hot Shot Sports
R/N Fee Code #
$76/91 1912124B1 Min/Max: 4/15
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