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Tot Swim

Have fun while learning to kick, float, bob and glide in the water. This is a great way for your child to learn to be safe and comfortable in the water.

Age Date Day Time R/N Fee Code #
3-5 Jan 8-31 Th 7-7:30 PM $50/65 389899E
3-5 Feb 5-28 Th 7-7:30 PM $50/65 389899F
3-5 Mar 5-21 Th 7-7:30 PM $37.50/48.75 389899G
3-5 Apr 2-25 Th 7-7:305 PM $50/65 389899H

Call (708) 343-5270 for more information.

Veterans Park District Swim Academy

Sign up for Veterans Park District Swim Academy! All classes are taught by Ellis certified instructors. This six level program will teach your child to develop their swimming skills and strokes. Each level will review and enhance the skills your child has already learned and introduce them to new strokes and techniques.

Level 1

Basic Water Skills: floating, gliding, kicking

Level 2:

Advanced Water Skills: streamline kicking on front and back

Level 3: 

Introduction to Strokes: side stroke, elementary backstroke, front crawl

Level 4: 

Introduction to Strokes II: front crawl, backstroke, treading water

Level 5: 

Introduction to Strokes III: breaststroke kick, front crawl flip turns

Level 6: 

Introduction to Stroke IV: breaststroke, butterfly, backstroke flip turns

All levels will have a safety training class at the end of each session and each child will be given report card.

Current Program Offerings: LEVELS 1-6

Age Date Day Time R/N Fee Code #
6+ Jan 8-31 Tu, Th 7:35-8:15 PM $50/65 389899E1
6+ Feb 5-28 Tu, Th 7:35-8:15 PM $50/65 389899F1
6+ Mar 5-21 Tu, Th 7:35-8:15 PM $37.50/48.75 389899G1
6+ Apr 2-25 Tu, Th 7:35-8:15 PM $50/65 389899H1
6+ Jan 8-31 Tu, Th 8:20-9 PM $50/65 389899E2
6+ Feb 5-28 Tu, Th 8:20-9 PM $50/65 389899F2
6+ Mar 5-21 Tu, Th 8:20-9 PM $37.50/48.75 389899G2
6+ Apr 2-25 Tu, Th 8:20-9 PM $50/65 389899H2

Location: West Leyden High School, 1000 Wolf Rd, Northlake, Entrance 11